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How to Start and Conduct Family Devotions

In the current state of many families and the busy schedules, the Christians need to find time with their God. As much as church and Sunday school are important to Christians, it is equally important to live their Christianity at home. It is therefore helpful for family members to gather together for a devotion to their home. Here are some ideas for family devotions. Devotions are effective when you also take time to read the Bible. You need to begin by reading the story given in the Bible first as a story.

When you are conducting a devotion you need to sit around the table all if you and read together. Make sure you appoint the person going to read at a particular time. It is good for everyone to have the Bible if they are all able to read. You can start having a person read a portion of the scripture as the rest follow on their texts. It is good if all word is read are read as they are supposed and if some people find it hard, they should be assisted by the one leading the devotion.

After reading the portion, test the understanding of everybody by asking what you have read about. It is crucial that everyone understands the story. Ask the participants whether they understand the story by answering your questions. After that seek to know whether the people can relate to the story by relating the happenings in the Bible with things that happen in their lives. Find out whether the members can find anything beneficial in the scripture that you have read to their lives. Help the young ones to find something that they can gain from the story.

The next step should be to find a lesson to learn from the word of God. You should all look for a way the bible could help you in future. A person should be encouraged to tell the other what lessons they have learned and how they intend to behave in future. If all the members are encouraged, they cannot miss something to say. All people should be encouraged even when they make some errors.

The devotion should be including prayer. All members should be allowed to pray even when they have almost nothing to say. If everyone is encouraged, you will realize that everyone can pray with time. A prayer should be said in the beginning and the end. If you are to run an effective devotion; you need to include in the program praying fir needs on the family members. At the same time you need to evaluate the prayers and thank God for the ones He has answered. Dedicate a particular place for your devotion.

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